Picking up all the Capital Allowances eligible expenditure in a development or renovation is not always as straight forward as it sounds.

Often invoices and records will cover expenditure that is both eligible and ineligible for Capital Allowances. Because of this even a very knowledgeable general accountant is likely to miss a large proportion of the Capital Allowances available. When you layer in effect of correctly allocated, labour, apportionment of eligible professional fees and prelims and even expenditure on the modification an existing structure/land to accommodate new plant and machinery, we are confident of delivering a substantial amount of extra Capital Allowances.

To ensure you get all available Capital Allowances we will review and cross-examine all the  available project information (invoices, design specification, bill of quantities, planning documentation, contract sums etc) and expertly survey the property to make sure that all Capital Allowances have been identified and claimed. This will normally result in a marked increase in the amount of Capital Allowances available.