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Capital Allowances represent a type of tax relief available for specific items found within a Retail Store or Shopping Centre. They can help to reduce the amount of income you are taxed on, resulting in you owing less tax overall. This could include key items such as your heating and cooling systems, security installations, fire safety equipment, point-of-sale systems, or even shelving and display fixtures. Capital Allowances, when effectively claimed, are a proven method for substantial tax savings in the retail sector.


STax are experts in Capital Allowances. Our expertise is centred around maximising the Capital Allowance benefits for all types of Retail Spaces, from Small Boutique Stores to Expansive Shopping Centres. We work with a wide range of clients, from Local Shops to Major Retail Chains. Over the last decade, we have assisted our clients in reclaiming over £500m in often-missed and largely unknown Capital Allowances.

In the previous year, STax’s commitment and skill in helping clients secure Capital Allowance Claims have been recognised with a number of industry awards.

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STax is composed of a skilled team of Property Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, and Surveyors. Our goal is to assist you in identifying potential Capital Allowances that might be hidden within your Retail Space or Shopping Centre.

Engaging with STax is as simple as reaching out to us, and we will handle the rest. If it turns out there is no viable Capital Allowance Claim, our service will not cost you anything – ensuring you have nothing to lose.

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STax was introduced to me by my Accountant, and they couldn’t have been more helpful in explaining the process and assembling my claim. The total claimed was over £250k, a sum I wasn’t even aware was available to me. I highly recommend their services.

S King, Commercial Property Owner

STax simplified a highly complex area of tax for us and generated substantial savings. I was so impressed with the outcome of the survey that I’ve since introduced the firm to several of my business partners and investors.

David Hartley, Commercial Property Owner


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