Claiming allowances on movable items of plant and machinery (IT equipment, machinery, vehicles etc) is very much within the skills sets of most general practice accountancy firms. However due to the difficulties of accurately valuing systems imbedded in a property and the maze of case law in this area, the services of a specialist are required to access all of your due tax relief.

STax combines all the skillsets required to provide robust Capital Allowances advice under one roof, making us perfectly positioned to assist you in claiming your full entitlement to Capital Allowances.

We stress that not advising on Capital Allowances on fixture is no negative reflection on your general accountant. Most of our Capital Allowances work on fixtures is referred to us by general practice accounting firms. Capital Allowances on fixtures is a highly specialised niche area of tax with over a 100 years’ worth of case law to be mindful of. Furthermore, providing effective Capital Allowance advice requires a marriage of disparate skills from taxation, accounting and quantity surveying that you simply won’t find in any but the very largest accounting firms in the country (KPMG, PWC etc).